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[first star out...] i got the stuffs...

the amount of crap i have is mind boggleing. like really. i mean i know
im a pack rat. but really its crazy. like just now ( actually for a
while now) ive been planning on doing a blog about my move. i took
pictures of my apt a day or two after i decided to move. i wanted proof
that i lived alone and could visit said proof when i go possibly crazy
in minco oklahoma. so just now i was like camera cord where are
you??!!!?? and i had to plug in 3 different USB cords before i found
the right one. seriously. and this place is not soo messy now ( i mean
cuz at this point what is in my apt is either going to move with me. or
is going into the trash. i had about 15 plastic totes of crap that was
put into storage at my sisters shed outside her house....i mean this is
wonderful stuff i can not let go but cant live with in a small X small
room in my mothers house. i mean i dont want to scare you. i dont think
my apt was every too messy/scary/pack.rat.packed or anything. but why
do i keep shit i dont need ie. camera cords from cameras that have not
made the cut ( currently in a trash pile somewhere wheverever the trash
goes) and for my own defense these said cameras that have gone to
camera heaven were just tossed recently. so i havent had time to figure
out what goes to new cameara and what has passed on.

anways. really. why do i need to keep shit i dont need? i have tossed
soo much stuff lately. but still i got lots i need to get rid of. i am
proud of myself tho. ive been really good at cutting the fat soo to

gesh. and all i wanted to do was to post some pictures.