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10 January 1978
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holy.fuck im old! at least i sure dont act like it. :)
im an artist.
i have a degree from the.university.of.oklahoma in visual.communications.
i sell drugs for a livin.
i love music.
linnzi is my best.friend.
im addicted to altoids.
im more then likely taller then you.
i love black.nail.polish and black.eyeliner. and I must have lipgloss.
my journal is friends only. but that doesnt mean i dont want new friends.
i could write tons of info on here. but you still would never know all of me.

I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. Einstein.

No Doubt is Love.



My Best Friend is linnzi
Our 36 common interests are: apple, art, autism, bjork, bloodhound gang, design, dreams, fiona apple, flash, g4, glitter, good charlotte, green day, hello kitty, hugs, jimmy eat world, josie and the pussycats, mxpx, new found glory, no doubt, photoshop, poe, pop art, portishead, punk, radiohead, sanrio, save ferris, sex and the city, ska, stars, the hippos, trance, underworld, weezer, x-men
Who is your best friend?
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a.d.i.d.a.s., after.parties, all american rejects, all-stars, altoids, amp, amy lee, andy warhol, apple, arby's straws, art, arthur, autism, beastie boys, ben folds five, bjork, blink-182, bloodhound gang, blue moon, box car racer, bracelets, buffy the vampire slayer, camille harp, captain morgan, cherry sprites, collages, converse, dancing, day dreaming, death cab for cutie, design, dreams, facebook, fall out boy, fatboy slim, fenix tx, fiona apple, flash, free art, g4, garbage, glitter, graphic design, green day, gwen, halloween, haus of gaga, hello kitty, homestarrunner.com, hornsby's draft cider, hosty, hosty duo, house of leaves, hugs, jayz, jimmy eat world, josie and the pussycats, karen o., kissing, lady gaga, laughing, lost in translation, macs, making out, mama sweet, mean girls, mike herrera, mini cooper, moby, modest mouse, mt.dew, mxpx, never giving up, new found glory, nin, nirvana, no doubt, nova, oklahoma, old-school disney, orion, os x, ou, painting, paul frank, photoshop, pink sunsets, pink the color, poe, polaroids, pop art, portishead, prodigy, punk, radiohead, red bull, red stripe, reel big fish, roxy, sanrio, saves the day, screen prints, serigraphy, sex and the city, sleeping in, smallville, smiles, some girl, something corporate, sonic slushes, sparkles, spun, stars, strong bad, sublime, taco bell, tall boys, the allies, the chemical brothers, the crystal method, the deli, the donnas, the get up kids, the gunship, the hippos, the juliana theory, the matrix, the sims, the smashing pumpkins, the university of oklahoma, the used, the white stripes, third eye blind, thirteen, tom delong, tom welling, trance, true blood, twilight, type, typography, underworld, vampires, victorias secret, vodka, weezer, x-men, yankee candles, yeah yeah yeahs, zombies

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